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Legend in the making – Buck Davidson

Buck planning his day at his summer base, Buckwampum Farm.

Two weeks before Buck left for Normandy, we had a chance to visit him at his summer base and talk about his career, his Dad and Reggie. All photos in this post: © 2014 Nathalie Lawson “I just loved hockey, I loved the practices, I loved the games, I loved everything about it. If I had been good enough to play in the NHL that’s what I would be doing. I might have been good enough at baseball. I had many offers to play in college but there was no excitement for me in it. I really knew that I…

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Do qualifying scores matter for medals?

Canada's Jessica Phoenix will be piloting Pavarotti around his first four-star track on Saturday.

Riders’ results are the key to how teams are chosen. Some teams have the advantage of choosing from a variety of horse/rider combinations with many results. However, there are some nations where qualifying scores are few and far between. As a result, many riders are going to the WEG based on only one score. So, we are going to have some fun. The qualifying period for the WEG was January 1, 2013 to July 21, 2014. We input the best score* each rider & horse combination delivered in the qualifying period to determine the top 50 individuals. We added together…

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The Dutton family – Evie gives us an inside look

Mary, Phillip, Olivia on vacation in Nantucket

The American girl that stole Phillips heart was surprisingly one of the first people he met when he moved to the United States. Evie started taking lessons from Phillip soon after his arrival. She remembers, “I couldn’t understand a word he said with his accent but I thought he was really cute.” Evie’s background was actually the show hunter world. She had never evented before meeting Phillip but thought she would give it a try. After taking lessons she began helping him out with young horses. She said, “We really just became friends and that was the basis of our…

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It’s not lonely at the top in New Zealand

Lucy Jackson

“I definitely would be the rookie of the group but with some current good form. I was hopeful, not expectant that I would be going to Normandy,” said Lucy Jackson. After a strong performance at Badminton 2014 on Willy Do, Lucy earned herself a spot as individual on the formidable New Zealand squad and this week will be competing at her first World Equestrian Games (WEG). The four men making up the team portion, Mark Todd, Andrew Nicholson, Jock Paget, and Tim Price are all previous four-star winners. To get on the kiwi squad you are competing against the world’s…

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Are you running the legs off your horse?

Making time and jumping clear will reward riders with leaps up the leaderboard.

What are your riding plans for the next few shows? Are you chasing points for the leaderboards? The summer season is winding down and the American Eventing Championships and the Ontario Eventing Championships are coming up in less than a month. For the riders that migrate to Florida to compete for the winter they are about to finish up their second season in 2014. For the larger group that stays in the cold for the winter, they are counting down to the end of their only season with their horses. To develop a horse properly and to keep it sound…

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Emily Beshear jumps into first place after stadium at Richland CIC3*

Kendal Lehari on Totally Frank

Only five riders could pull together double clear rounds in the CIC3* course on Friday. Time was a major factor on this track. The allowable time was originally set for 74 seconds but after the first three riders could not come close to making it, the ground jury had a quick meeting and changed the time to 82 seconds. The leader after dressage, Maya Black on Doesn’t Play Fair dropped one rail, landing in second place. Emily Beshear on Shame on the Moon put in a stellar round with a double clear and moved to first from third. Sharon White and Under Suspection…

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Leader board shuffle with new top five – CIC2* Richland Park

Canada's Waylon Roberts on Bill Owen jumping the Canadian Tribute jump

Thunder storms were in the forecast for Richland Park today but spirits were only dampened  by the sound of raining rails hitting the ground over and over again. In the two star, there were only 12 double clear rounds in a field of 39 riders. The course on grass was slippery and gave riders a real challenge to make time and keep up the rails. Time could be a factor on cross-country on Saturday as the grass is wet from rain showers and humidity . The weather forecast continues to be unsettled, so riders may face some slippery conditions. Only 1.7 penalty points separate first from…

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Lissa Green is recovering from fall and awaiting surgery

Lissa green

Photo courtesy of Lissa Green Eventing Facebook page Lissa Green, daughter of Lucinda Green, is suffering from broken bones and awaiting surgery after a fall on Wednesday while competing in open novice. This is the second time in less than a week that daughters of famous eventers have been injured on course. Emily King missed out on finishing the European Junior Champi0nships after a horrendous fall last weekend that luckily end up with only bruising. The good news is that Lissa is doing fine. She updated everyone with a Facebook message explaining how the sun shining on a jump made it…

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Italian army, Nicholson’s yard – Giovanni Ugolotti’s journey to WEG

Photo: Trevor Holt ©2014

From the ranks of the Italian army to the top ranks of Eventing, Giovanni Ugolotti, will be competing at his first World Equestrian Games (WEG) next week. He will be riding Stilo Kontika, a 13 year old Irish gelding, who is owned by him and his fiance, Kathryn Robinson. Mandatory army service Giovanni was born before 1985, so it was a mandatory requirement to serve in the Italian army for one year. He had an affinity for riding and as a child was a pony club member. He later went on to compete at the Italian Eventing championships. So when…

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Behind the success is a rock – Evie Dutton


All photos: Nathalie Lawson © 2014 “I wasn’t a big name rider by any means,” Phillip said about moving to America from Australia in 1991. “I thought I had a better shot at making it in America than Europe.” Well times have changed and there is not a person in Eventing that does not know Phillip Dutton. He will be competing at his sixth World Equestrian Games (WEG) next week. At first Phillip thought living in America would be temporary. He said, “I thought that I would start here and end up in England but I ended up finding a…

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