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Riders: Take the reins. Eventing is your sport to keep or lose

IMG_3568 saddle

Eventing is never going to be a safe sport. Can it be safer? Of course, but what is the goal we are striving for? Zero horse and rider fatalities? That is unrealistic and it will not happen as long as there are two living creatures with two different brains attempting to jump over solid objects out of a gallop. There are too many factors that contribute to a horse and rider to jump any element clear; add a solid object and the sport is set up to fail. With the recent deaths of Francisco Cebra on course in Spain and…

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Liz Halliday-Sharp & Fernhill by Night – Rookie Ride to Rolex 2015

Fernhill by Night, Liz, HHS Cooley

American, Liz Halliday-Sharp, 36, is planning to make her Rolex debut this year on not one but possibly two horses. Liz has been based in the United Kingdom for the past 15 years where she has been honing her Eventing skills and following her other passion, international motor racing, competing in sportscar and GT endurance racing. However, for the next few months she is giving up racing to pursue her Eventing goals. She met David O’Connor for the first time at the World Equestrian Games test event. He told her that she had to concentrate one sport or the other….

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Daisy and Richard Trayford – Hunting and Maseratis – Eventing Super couple series

Daisy and Richar Trayford-IMG_3975

Daisy and Richard Trayford moved to the United States from the United Kingdom two years ago and since that time they have immersed themselves into the North American Eventing scene, building businesses and competing horses. They are the owners of Exmoor Eventing and while based in the UK were one of the biggest sellers of Eventing horses, selling well over 1000. They now import horses for resale to the USA, but no longer at the rate they were buying and selling while based in the UK. “While in the UK we were selling about three a week. In the USA,…

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Canada’s rising star – Tik Maynard

Tik and Dutch Times getting it done and placing 2nd in the CIC2* at at 2015 Red Hills International Horse Trials

Canada’s Tik Maynard has already represented Canada at the 2007 Rio de Janeiro Pan Am Games, competing in the Modern Pentathalon. Now a full-time eventer, if the result he just pulled off at Red Hills International with his 7-year-old gelding, Dutch Times, is an indication of what is to come, he may be a second time Pan Am competitor this year in Toronto. Tik and Dutch, owned by Christina Aharoni, placed 2nd in a field of 57 riders at the Red Hills CIC2*, finishing on 51.5 after adding only two time faults on cross-country to their dressage score. Last November,…

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Protest launched over Hawley Bennett-Awad nomination for Carded Athlete status

Canadian Flag-IMG_9348

Carded Athletes in Canada receive government funding to help with living and training expenses to help ease the financial burden so they can focus on becoming world-class, competitive athletes to represent Canada at the Olympics and International Championships. The Canadian Eventers who will receive “Carding” for 2015 have been notified. However, an appeal has been launched by another rider to reverse the decision made by the Eventing High Performance Committee to include Hawley Bennett-Awad as a Carded Athlete for 2015. Canadian Eventing’s 2015 Carded Athletes The list of Eventing athletes nominated by Equine Canada for the Athlete Assistance Program (AAP)…

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Lesley and Leslie Law – Finding love at Rolex – Eventing Super Couple series

Leslie, son Liam and Lesley       
(Photo: USEA AEC/Michelle Dunn)

Get to know the Laws, Leslie and Lesley. They are providing insight about their business and sharing a little bit about how this hot Canadian rider and Great Britain’s Olympic golden boy fell in love.   Lesley Grant Law (CAN) and Leslie Law (GBR) Lesley is one of Canada’s few four-star riders. She made a name for herself riding her popular horse Timber Spirit. The pair was short-listed for the 2008 Olympics but due to a dreaded tendon injury, they were unable to be named to the team. Lesley continues to compete a string of quality horses and if her…

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Could this be Eventing’s anthem?

My first real Eventer, Shrunk n da Wash. After having to put him down after a cross country accident when I was 12, I cried every day for weeks. I don't know why, but as Eventers we kick on.

Eventers are used to disappointment. In fact, not long ago I had a coach tell me that this sport is 90% disappointment. However, I can’t help myself, I love Eventing. I can’t wait for each new day just to start the routine again. The days are long and repetitive and the biggest reward is when you have a moment with your pony that shows progress. Progress comes in various forms on the horse and off the horse. Every day my horses teach me as much as I teach them. I know that there is not a job that I would…

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Interview with Michael Jung – Clarifies his Rolex plans and more

Michael Jung at a recent  Breeders Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg event where he was helping to scout out talented five and six year old Baden-Wurttemberg horses - Photo courtesy of Kerstin Hoffmann

With Rolex, Kentucky just two months away, training is in high gear for all the pairs planning to tackle North America’s only four-star and the most attended Eventing venue on this side of the pond. Since news broke that Michael Jung was planning to attend, fans have been excited and speculating. Which horse will he bring and does he have the Rolex Grand Slam in his sights? A big thank-you to our good friend Eckhart Siewert, who graciously arranged an interview with Michael so we could ask him about his plans. What horse will you be taking to Rolex? I…

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Grief and love – Jordan McDonald’s family shares their story

Cam, Cindy, Shannon, Emma, Jordan & Shandiss on a family vacation in Mauii

I have been working with Leahona and Shandiss to help put the syndicate together for Jordan’s horse Glencento. When Shannon published her beautiful website to honour her brother, we connected. She and her parents, Cam and Cindy bravely made the decision to share a couple of hours with me on Skype to talk about Jordan, their love for him and Shandiss, and how they are managing to get through the days after losing him. It was truly an honour to get to know the McDonald family and I am in awe of their strength and courage after losing their cherished…

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Syndicate successful – Jordan McDonald’s horse will remain with friend

Shandiss, Gwen and Leahona. We love when a plan comes together!

In December, Leahona Rowland (CAN) began a campaign to raise the money to acquire the ride on Jordan Macdonald’s beloved Glencento with the full support of Shandiss, Jordan’s wife. Jordan was one of Canada’s top eventers and he passed away as a result of a fall on cross-country in June of this year. We are thrilled to report that Jordan McDonald’s beloved mare Glencento has been successfuly syndicated to Canadian and family friend Leahona Rowland. Leahona says, “Thank you to everyone for their support, especially those who donated to the Indiegogo site. Gwen, Shandiss and myself are so thrilled that…

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