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Marketer by day, rider by night – Samantha Felton – 30 Under 30

Sam on Henton After Dark

Like a double agent, Samantha Felton (NZL) leads two distinct lives. Utilizing her university degree, her mornings begin in the office with a budding career in marketing. However, every afternoon when the clock strikes 1:30 she sheds her civilian clothes, dons her jodhpurs and pursues her passion of Eventing. With a day career and an after hours career Sam puts in long days. She rides six horses, coaches and is in the process of setting up a new farm. At only 23, she is a member of the New Zealand Talent Development squad and is consistently in the ribbons at…

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Syndicate to keep Jordan McDonald’s beloved Glencento with a dear friend

Jordan McDonald and Glencento.

The tragic loss of one of Canada’s top Eventers Jordan McDonald as a result of a fall in June of this year is still very painful for all that knew him. Jordan’s smile, humour and grace is forever etched in our minds. We will miss him always. The heartbreaking decision to sell Jordan’s beloved Glencento is in the works and a syndicate is being formed to keep the ride with Leahona Rowland, Shandiss and Jordan’s dear friend. Leahona explained, “Jordan was one of the most talented, honest, caring and genuine people I have ever met. He was known and loved…

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The Eventing rollercoaster ride of 2014 – Kathryn Robinson – 30 Under 30

Photo: Copyright Trevor Holt/

“I think the highest and lowest points are the important ones. Anything else is just…in between.” Jim Morrison Riding the Eventing roller coaster would sum up 2014 for 29 year-old, Kathryn Robinson (CAN). After a successful and competitive spring, she was chosen to represent Canada at the 2014 World Equestrian Games. Ten days later she found out she was ineligible, as she had not submitted her paperwork by the required date. Moving on from her disappointment like a true professional, she put Pau in her sights as her four-star event for the year. Despite elimination at Pau in 2012 and…

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A pot of gold medals for Ireland’s Cathal Daniels – Top 30 Under 30

Cathal Daniels-2

Luck of the Irish or pure talent… this young Irishman is filling his own pot of gold with medals. Representing his country at three FEI championship events, Cathal Daniels (IRE) has never gone home without a team gold medal and has stashed in his pot, one individual gold and one silver. Adding only .8 in time penalties on cross-country to his dressage score, Cathal was the individual silver medalist at the 2014 FEI Eventing European Junior Championships and a member of Ireland’s gold medal winning team. His season did not taper off after juniors. In October, he headed to France…

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Riding professionally for five years and he is only 21 – David Doel – 30 Under 30

Miss Caruso owned by  Jane James and David, at the water at Vale Sabroso Portugal at the European Young Rider Championships in September this year. David was a member of Great Britain's bronze medal winning team. Photo by Ian James

Topping Britain’s highly competitive ‘Under 21’ rider rankings to win The Goldman Cup, David Doel (GBR) is now shifting his focus to senior teams. At 21 years of age he currently runs his own successful yard with supportive owners for 15 to 20 horses. David has been a professional rider since he was 16 and now has his sights on representing Great Britain at major games, making him one of the world’s ‘Top 30 Under 30’. Fiercely competitive A banner year in 2014 David’s season highlights include: 1st at Barbury International CIC2* on Miss Caruso (Owned by Ian and Jane…

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Been there done that and will do it again- Clarke Johnstone – 30 Under 30

Clark and Balmoral Sensation at Kihikihi CIC*** in NZ. Photo by Ana Rattray - Cheleken Photography

Winning his first World Equestrian Games (WEG) team bronze medal at the age of 23, Clark Johnstone (NZL) recalls, “I thought it was easy then, you just got a horse and got it ready, and away you went. But it is actually a lot harder than that. It was an amazing experience being on the podium that is for sure.” In 2010, Clarke was enjoying a swift rise to the top of the sport. He was chosen to ride on the New Zealand team alongside Mark Todd, Andrew Nicholson and Caroline Powell at the WEG inLexington, Kentucky. Shortly after, he…

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Champion Eventer nabs dressage medal on the side – David Ziegler – 30 Under 30

David winning individual Gold at the North American Eventing FEI Young Rider Championships in July 2014.

Qualifying and being selected for an FEI Young Rider Championship team is a dream for many young riders in any riding discipline. However, David Ziegler (CAN) made it look easy as he did it in two disciplines, Eventing and Dressage at the 2014 North American Championships for Young Riders and Juniors. That is a feat in itself, but David did not stop there. He actually won individual gold in Eventing and individual silver in Dressage…just because he could. At just 21 years old, David is demonstrating skills and a winning spirit that will take him far in this sport making…

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Four-star rookie with the grace of a seasoned pro – Libby Head – 30 Under 30

Libby Head on Sir Rockstar at Fair Hill International CCI3*, 2014.  Photo courtesy of Tami Beauchamp Tritapoe.

Blazing around cross-country like a seasoned pro and then following it up with a stellar clean show jumping round at her first Rolex, Libby Head (USA) was one of the year’s most successful four-star rookies. At only 22 years old, Libby has already proven that she can produce a four-star horse. Her Rolex partner, Sir Rockstar (Rocky), was also her junior and young rider horse. Finishing in 19th place at her first four-star, Libby has proven that she has the right stuff to be competitive at the top of this sport and she is one of the world’s ‘Top 30…

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Broken bones won’t break her – Lissa Green – 30 Under 30

Beautiful and tenacious, Lissa Green is on her way to the top of the sport.

Lissa Green (GBR) has gone through hell and back after a freakish rotational fall late August left her with a broken jaw, collarbone and ribs. While most people would sulk in pain, Lissa has been pushing on and has even won an event barely two months after her fall. She has a developing string of horses, owners and sponsors. She is beautiful, talented, with a dynamic personality and on her way to the top at only 25 years of age. Lissa is a member of our top 30 under 30 because she is a shining example of the tenacity and…

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Marti with one eye – Chelan Kozak’s amazing mare

Despite have one eye, Marti has been navigating cross-country like a seasoned pro. Chelan Kozak and Lamartine Z,

Watching Chelan Kozak’s mare Lamartine Z on cross-country, you cannot help but notice her exceptional jumping ability. But take a closer look and you can’t help but be impressed just a little bit more when you realize she only has one eye. Making the 24 hour journey from Surrey, British Columbia, the pair are tackling their first CCI1* at Galway Downs International this weekend. Chelan is excited about this mare’s potential and she has declared her for the 2015 Pan Am Games. Despite being born with only one eye, this horse may just have what it takes. Life minus an…

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