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From CCI1* to CCI4* in one year – Gabriel Figueiredo Silva Cury – 30 Under 30

Gabriel on Grass Valley at the 2014 World Equestrian Games.

At the age of 20, Gabriel Figueiredo Silva Cury (BRA) was the youngest rider competing at the 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEG). This year’s WEG was one of the most grueling cross-country courses in recent history. Unfortunately, it was the undoing for many riders and the end of their WEG dreams. Despite this being Gabriel’s first four-star attempt, he rode around the course with one run-out and some time faults. This is quite an impressive feat for a Young Rider who only began his Eventing career in 2012. After competing at his first ever CCI1* event at Hartpury in August…

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Last week TODAY

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 11.13.45 AM

                                                                  You might enjoy these other Eventing Connect features: Today’s SCOOP Monday’s VIDEO Break 2014 30 Under 30 – Eventing Connect series of articles on the world’s top riders under the age 30 Can Canada defeat the USA at the Pan Am Games Eddy Sans wins debut Rolex Indoor Eventing at the CHI Geneva Clayton Fredericks wins Car at Perth’s Eventing in the Park

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Can Canada defeat the USA at the Pan Am Games?

Ian Roberts

In the sport of Eventing, the unexpected presents itself on a regular basis so to determine the members of the 2015 Pan Am Games teams at this point in time would be impossible. However, now that the 2015 National Canadian Eventing Team (CET) and the USA 2015 National Training Team have been published, it does provide an overview of the possible candidates. Table explanations: Summarized in the tables below are the Canadian and American combinations that may be under consideration with each nation’s selectors. “Best CCI2* result” column: This column shows the best CCI2* result the rider and horse as…

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Tale of two FEI championships

Kyle Carter competing at 2014 Poplar Place Farm Horsetrials in March

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” There is only one FEI Championship held in North America every year and that is the North American Junior and Young Rider Championships (NAJYRC). Every four years, 41 countries from the Americas and closely situated island nations come together to compete at the biggest sporting event on this side of the globe, the Pan Am Games. About 18 of the events will be Olympic qualifiers for the Rio 2016 Summer Games, including Eventing. Toronto won the…

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Last Week TODAY

Tim price-WeekToday-12-8

 There are no limits to what riders will do to win.  Catch up on interesting tidbits that you might have missed last week. We work hard to catch all the good stuff so you don’t have to.   Imagine the look on Kyle’s face when he read that… Maybe the horses at Buck’s place need eye glasses? ‘Top 30 Under 30‘ rider, David Doel, was on a shopping spree.   Leave your top hats at home, helmets work better when the unexpected happens!   Honouring a dear friend and supporter to help keep talented horses in the USA.   Gemma Tattersall…

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2015 Canadian National Eventing Team announced

Ian Roberts on Faolan.

Equine Canada has announced the 2015 Canadian National Eventing Team. With the Pan Am Games just around the corner and as it is only a CCI2* there are over 90 combinations who have declared for the games. However, the combinations on the 2015 National Eventing Team include pairs that have already qualified for the Pan Am Games.  It is exciting to see so many young riders making their debut on the national team including, Hannah Bundy, Leah Breakey, Lauren Clark, Dasha Ivandaeva, April Simmonds and David Ziegler. Of course it is also very cool when a father and son make…

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UPDATED: Does the USA owe Canada a bronze Pan Am medal?

Kyle Carter and Madison Park placed fifth at the 2007 Pan Am Games behind four Americans. Photo courtesy of Nathalie Lawson

UPDATE: Dec. 5/2014-11:00 am: Gina Miles gets to keep her bronze medal from the 2007 Pan Am Games. The rule discussed in this article was changed: The PASO Regulations up to Santo Domingo in 2003 stipulated that no country could win more than two medals per event. The “no podium sweep” rule was implemented to limit the ongoing dominance of USA at the Pan American Games and subsequently the restriction was removed.  The present situation is that all three places can be won by the same country as long as the rules for the sport permit more than two entries…

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Last week TODAY

Most beautiful wedding picture ever! Andrea Leatherman and Buck Davidson.

Click here for the full breathtaking image of Andrea Leatherman and Buck Davidson’s wedding picture.     Last week TODAY Welcome to our new weekly feature, where you can catch up on interesting tidbits that you might have missed last week. We will work hard to catch all the good stuff so you don’t have to.   Biggest Eventing win of the week goes to Niklas Lindback the champion of the Indoor Eventing class at the Sweden International Horse Show where he piloted around Mister Pooh to win on his home turf.    Did Doug Payne find a Pot of…

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Top Price – Right now that is Jonelle

Jonelle on Classic Moet jumping into third place at the Stuttgart German Masters Indoor Derby. Photo courtesy of Kerstin Hoffmann

With a brilliant ride at the Stuttgart German Masters Indoor Eventing Derby on Wednesday night, Jonelle Price (NZL) took the third place ribbon and was the highest placed female in the highly competitive field. In this year’s 2014 FEI World Eventing Athlete Rankings, she placed second. She is the first woman to break into the top three since Mary King topped the leader board in 2011. Jonelle and Karin Donckers (BEL) are the only women in this year’s top ten, with Karin in 9th. Riding trumps law Riding for Eventing powerhouse New Zealand, Jonelle has not only risen to the…

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2014′s Top 30 Under 30 – The best young talent from all over the world


As the 2014 season winds down, we can now reflect on an exciting year of competition with highs and lows for the riders at the top of the sport and the riders just getting started. We would like to introduce you to Eventing Connect’s first annual “Top 30 Under 30 Eventers” including riders from all over the world. The Top 30 Under 30 are all tenacious, enthusiastic and a brilliantly talented group. Already we are witnessing them accomplishing significant milestones in the beginning of their riding careers as they compete shoulder to shoulder with the world’s best and most experienced….

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