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Eventing dreams to Para Dressage at NAJYRC – Madison Lawson is an inspiration

Madison seeing her beloved K-Low for the first time after the accident.

Madison Lawson is my best friend and she introduced me to the sport of Eventing when we were 10-years-old. We dreamed of Eventing at the upper levels together, but two years into our friendship, Madison’s Eventing dreams came to an abrupt end after a freak riding accident. Together, we learned early that life is unfair and that you need to make the best from every situation. She has taught me more life lessons about sport than anyone else. Quitting is not an option when you have dream. Madison and her amazing mom Nathalie are two of my biggest supporters and…

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Last Week TODAY

Follow @ludwigsvennerstal on Instagram to admire his stunning hair on a more regular basis.

                                                                          You might also enjoy these Eventing Connect features: Today’s SCOOP After first horse inspection, one horse not accepted at 2015 Pan Am Games Venezuela’s Pan Am Team – VIDEO Break Ontario NAJYRC team report – First horse inspection Full cross-country course preview – 2015 Pan Am Games Tuesday’s Top 10 – Eventing movies you must see Eventing dreams to Para Dressage at NAJYRC…

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Helping, preventing and intervening – Meet Pan Am games steward, Maureen Walters

Maureen Walters and her three Swedish Warmblood horses

Stewards perform important functions at all FEI competitions in a variety of capacities. Maureen Walters (CAN), an FEI steward, will be working at the 2015 Toronto Pan Ams Eventing compeition. She refers to herself as a ‘hands on, in the dirt steward.” She courteously took the time to help us understand her role and share information on how to become a steward. It How long have you been involved with horses? I have been involved with horses almost since birth. I begged and pleaded with my parents (as so many little girls do) and they finally gave in. In 1963, they…

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Friday’s Five – Canadian facts for foreign Eventers at the Pan Am Games

Pachi the Porcupine, the official mascot for the Toronto 2015 Pan Am  Games.

The 2015 Toronto Pan Ams kicked off on July 7th, and Eventing begins next Thursday at 10:00 AM, with the first horse inspection. Most of the Pan Am athletes are already in Canada, gearing up for their competitions. Foreign athletes will be discovering that some things they thought they knew about Canada were actually misconceptions and they may still be struggling to understand some exclusively Canadian things. Here are five Canadian facts to help clarify some myths and help you with your Canadian adventure. 1. No one says ‘aboot’. I am clueless as to why people think Canadians pronounce the word ‘about’…

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Rider Connect: Alisha Bryan

Alisha Bryan and Kasa Kash at Chatt Hills.  Photo by Visionaire.

We’re pleased to be starting a new series, showcasing riders across all levels of our sport. If you are interested in being featured, send an email to This week our featured rider is Alisha Bryan, a nice young lady who was stabled near to me at Chatt Hills Summer I.   Who are you? My name is Alisha Bryan, I’m 25 from Tullahoma, Tennessee. Tell us about your horse Kasa Kash (goes by “Kash”) is a 20 year-old Arabian gelding. We currently compete at Novice. How long have you been eventing? I have been eventing for 12 years. What…

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Riders, quit asking people to “DONATE” – It makes you appear pathetic and you are not

Donate dirty word pic

  If you have the word “Donate” on your website or marketing material, as soon as you are done reading this article, DELETE that dirty little word and never use it again. Asking someone to “Donate” to your riding career is ridiculous. People give donations to good causes and charities to help people in need and make the world a better place. You are not in need, you are choosing to participate in one of the most expensive sports on the planet. When you are riding around on a horse worth thousands, in a saddle worth a few thousand, and…

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Cheap ribbons and empty packets – Do events appreciate the clientele?


Maybe it’s just me having wistful flashbacks, but have you noticed that competing at horse trials doesn’t seem as “fun” anymore?  Perhaps this is a United States east coast problem, and events elsewhere around the world are still quaint and wonderful.  If so, I envy you. I’m not talking about the fun of riding, the fun of conquering cross-country with your dear equine partner.  That’s always fun. Something else is missing. I’m talking about the smaller details, that maybe you didn’t even realize made a difference. As a competitor, do you feel appreciated?  Do you “feel the love” from the event…

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Last Week TODAY

Mark Todd made his jockey debut last week...  Photo from Holly Woodhead's Instagram @hollywoodhead94

                                                You might also enjoy these Eventing Connect features: Today’s SCOOP How well do you know the Pan Am riders? – Ruy Fonseca (BRA) Stuart Black withdraws from team because he was arrested for domestic assault Stuart Black is out, Selena O’Hanlon is the travelling alternate for Canada’s Pan Am Team Are you cut out to be a professional eventer? – VIDEO Break The cost of ribbons Riders, quit asking people to “DONATE” – It makes you…

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Friday’s Five – Canada vs the USA

Can vs USA

On July 1st, the Canadians celebrated Canada Day. Red, white and maple leaves decorated the country and everyone enjoyed some beer and fireworks. Tomorrow, the Americans will celebrate their country’s equivalent, Independence Day. They will celebrate their country’s ‘birthday’ similarly to the Canadians, except there will be some blue in the mix of colours and the stars and stripes will take the place of the maple leaf and their beer of course will not be as good. Clearly, there are some differences between Canada and the USA but there are also some striking similarities, especially when it comes to the…

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My life with Evil Munchkin: Part 5 – Floppy Pants needs more practice at down banks

Sable flop

I rode Evil Munchkin, aka Rambo, for seven years. Together we went from Beginner Novice all the way to the two-star level. This winter, I made the gut-wrenching decision to sell him because I realized it was what needed to happen to keep me in this expensive game and it was time for him to teach someone else the ropes of Eventing. We won our last event together, the Intermediate Rider division at Rocking Horse Winter III H.T., on a Saturday and he was sold and gone to his new owners on the Tuesday. I was an emotional wreck at the time he…

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