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Blair European Championships cross-country course walk preview

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.00.26 AM

To keep up with all the action at Blair this weekend: [Website] [Schedule] Thank you to Jose Diacono and for this overview of the Blair Castle European Championships CCI3* cross-country course, which riders from 15 nations will be tackling this weekend.. Huge shout out to eventer, Caroline Mosley, for doing such an incredible job recording the course for us all to see. Make sure you listen to the Course Designer, Ian Stark’s commentary on his course to give you a better insight on how it should ride. Enjoy this preview of the biggest FEI championship course this year and let us know what you…

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Last Week TODAY

"@LRBHT_Official On the eve of #LRBHT we go behind the scenes at the @Pol_Roger photo shoot shot at Burghley House @LRBHT_Official On the eve of #LRBHT we go behind the scenes at the @Pol_Roger photo shoot shot at Burghley House " - The Gaitpost via Twitter

  Sam gewinnt in Burghley!!!Auch heute im Springen zeigte Sam nochmal Höchstleistung!Was für ein sicheres Gefühl er mir… Posted by Michael Jung on Sunday, September 6, 2015   Reason 1001 to love #eventingsunnyfl fish like this within hour of wherever you are @VISITFLORIDA @ShareALittleSun — Joe Meyer (@JoeMeyerEvntr) September 2, 2015   Not only was winning all of the cool prizes at Copper Meadows amazing, receiving $500 from Southern California… Posted by Tamra Smith & Next Level Eventing on Sunday, September 6, 2015   Z was only horse to make time in Intermediate to move to 1st at Five Points! Fernhill…

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Reaching the top of the Pony Club ratings – It takes a village and 3300 hours

My Dad helping me untack after a great cross-country trip on my brother’s lovely thoroughbred, Joker’s Win, at Morven Park.

Ascending through the Pony Club ratings has taught me much of what I know about horses, “Journey up the Pony Club ladder – What I learned at each rating“. However, few riders continue with Pony Club as high up the rating system as I have. A noticeable trend in the United States Pony Club (USPC) is a general dearth of upper level members. Not only do few people attain the C3 and higher-level ratings, but it seems that many people do not attempt them. Acquiring the A, B, and even C3 ratings requires enormous commitment. There are thousands of hours of…

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You don’t need a fancy horse to be successful

Photo by Visionaire.

Watching Michael Jung’s gorgeous dressage test at Burghley on FischerRocana FST made me do some thinking. (Yeah. Me thinking… that’s probably a bad thing). His test was certainly exceptional, but it was not as astoundingly brilliant as I had expected. I was expecting to see a phenomenal horse, an amazing mover that was so fancy and flashy that it belonged in a league of its own. I expected to be wowed, awed, and in the end, a bit defeated, because *I* would never be able to ride a horse of such quality. That was not what happened. At the end…

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Why am I choosing to do a long format Preliminary Three-Day event instead of a CCI1*?


After Chatt Hills, I was so excited, my horse had achieved his fourth qualifying event at Preliminary. I’m a very goal-oriented person, and each event is just another step in a bigger plan. My big goal this year was to get this horse to his first Three Day Event. It took five events, counting that little blip at Poplar, but he has now met the requirements and more importantly proved to me that he’s ready for the challenge. The next big date on the calendar is Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge, which hosts the national fall CCI* championship as well as…

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Good turnout is more than shining your boots

rambo fair hill dressage

The night before an event, most riders (or their grooms) are meticulously shining their boots, making sure their horse’s braids are picture perfect, bleaching the grey horse’s tail one more time, etc. These are all part of the beauty rituals riders put themselves and their horses through so they gleam when they trot down centerline, hopefully impressing the judge. This is what horse people call “good turnout”. Many riders pride themselves in their turnout and strive to win the best turnout award at the event (yes some events actually have judges and award a prize). Why is turnout important? Is…

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My new magic bit: a cherry roller snaffle

Ranger chatt hills gallop

Some horses are easy: they wear the same tack for dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. It makes for an uncluttered tackroom, less leather to clean, and simplicity. And then there are the others – fire-breathing dragons on cross-country, heavy lugs who pull, root, or fling their head in your face as you desperately try to maintain some semblance of control. You pull up (eventually) after the finish flags, and cross another bit off your list. French link snaffle Slow twist Waterford Pelham Bigger pelham Gag 3-ring 3-ring with curb strap Myler D port with hooks It seems the quest for…

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Land Rover announces new equestrian technologies

Land Rover trailer ad

Land Rover has been hard at work to minimize horse trailer drivers’ stress and maximize their safety. Today they have announced two new equestrian technologies: Transparent Trailer and Cargo Sense. No they have not invented a trailer that is literally transparent, but they have utilized other technologies to create the same effect. After watching the video below, do you think any of these innovations would make towing your horse easier?   Land Rover’s Transparent Trailer and Cargo Sense technologies [more info]  

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Facts and Stats: Burghley 2009-2014

Michael Jung and Fischerrocana FST the 2015 Rolex winners.

If you love Eventing trivia, we have lots to share. Our resident Eventing Geek is in the process of building an Eventing database that will continually bring you all sorts of useless Eventing information. Eventing Connect’s latest toy, brings to you our second edition of Facts and Stats – Burghley 2009-2014:   Starters Since 2009, 455 starters have tried to conquer this four-star track. 238 starters have been women, 217 have been men. Finishers The completion rate is an impressive 62%, with 284 finishers. 153 women finished (64%), 131 men finished (60%). Rider with the most starts Andrew Nicholson (NZL) has more starts than any other rider with 12. He has only failed to finish…

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FEI President pushes Clean Sport message

FEI Clean Sport Logo Concepts 14th September 2009

FEI President Ingmar De Vos has sent a strong message to the equestrian world on the importance of the FEI Clean Sport campaign, in the countdown to the rollout of the FEI’s global Equine Anti-Doping and Controlled Medication Programme (EADCMP) on 1 January 2016. FEI Headquarters currently coordinates administration of the EADCMP in FEI Regional Groups I and II (Europe), while administration of the Programme in the rest of the world has been undertaken through national anti-doping programmes or National Federations (NFs). That will change at the beginning of next year when FEI HQ takes over administration of the worldwide…

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