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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Clinics to take in the off season to make you a better Eventer


WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour Check in every Tuesday for our Top 10 list that could feature just about anyone or anything related to Eventing. No rider, owner, coach, or nation is off limits. We dedicate this week’s Top 10 to our biggest fan Erika Falkenberg from Central Florida.   Tuesday’s Top 10 – Clinics to take in the off season to make you a better Eventer 10. How to marry a millionaire 9. Michael Jung teaches – How to ride with a broken leg and win your next event 8. Emily King teaches – How to overcome a driving under…

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Do we need bitting rules on cross-country?

Photo by

By now, I’m sure you’ve been aware of the internet sandstorm surrounding Marilyn Little and the possible blood in her horses’ mouths at Boekelo and Fair Hill.  What started as legitimate concern for horse welfare sort of devolved into a mass pile-on, and I have no desire to wade into that mess of finger-pointing and mud-slinging. However, as a result of the situation, people have been raising questions about rules for cross-country bits.  We have rules and a bit check for dressage; should we also have legal bits and nosebands clearly spelled out for the jumping phases? Looking at the photo…

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Last Week TODAY

"And ze offseason begins. Hahhaha craackin few days boys" - @emilykingg_ on Instagram

  Strength is the capacity to endure uncertainty- Great day with @hanfranciseventing #fighter #MyHero #NewTeamMember #chemoCrew @eventingfamily #eventerssticktogether @uvexequestrianuk #UvexSwag #shadowSportsHorses #YEHBOI A photo posted by Ben Hobday (@benhobday) on Oct 30, 2015 at 9:36am PDT   Morning meditation w @ellensvennerstal and my nephews Alfred and Valdemar. #findingmyself #lostinspace #thailand A photo posted by Ludwig Svennerstål (@ludwigsvennerstal) on Oct 31, 2015 at 5:00am PDT   Tom Tierney and Annie Jones' Fernhill Fugitive wins the @galwaydowns CCI3*! #eventinglive — Phillip Dutton (@DuttonEventing) November 2, 2015   Posted by Tamra Smith & Next Level Eventing on Sunday, November 1, 2015   Bentleys Best,…

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Kindness in the Eventing community – A Fair Hill story

Boyd piloted four horses to four clear rounds in the three-star. He’s pictured here on Blackfoot Mystery. Photo courtesy of Tami Tritapoe.

I’ve always admired great riders for their talent and drive, for their ability to make difficult tasks look simple. At Fair Hill International, I admired them not only as riders and as horsemen, but also as people. Fair Hill marked my and my horse’s first CCI2*. The track boasted big fences with generous use of brush, which made them even taller. Still, I approached the cross country course with quiet confidence because we had always done well in this phase. You can imagine my shock when both my horse and I face-planted in the warm-up on Saturday morning, about fifteen…

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Course designers are not setting you up to fail

Sinead FH-IMG_4571

How often do you hear riders while looking at fences while walking cross-country say “What was the course designer thinking?” Not often enough. The job of course designers is to design questions that riders of that level are able to answer. They are not evil human beings who thrive off of setting up fences that are nearly impossible to jump just to trick out innocent riders. Course designers really want their courses to ride safely, give both horses and riders confidence and promote excellent riding. A few weeks ago, I attended the two-day Equine Canada 2015 Senior Course Design Forum…

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When does concern become a witch hunt?

We owe it to each other as fellow competitors to rationally and thoroughly consider the situation and all available evidence before making a decision on something as serious as horse abuse, otherwise our sport is doomed.

Eventing is a sport that requires an incredible amount of strength, agility, bravery, and most of all trust between horse and rider. One could even argue that eventing success is built on a partnership of trust more so than any other equestrian sport and we as eventers must always place the welfare of our horses above all else to maintain this bond of trust. Recently a blog post  “When does control become abuse?” has been making the rounds on social media alleging horse abuse by Marilyn Little based on her bitting choices and a photo of what appears to be…

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Clueless at my first horse trial – A newbie’s tale

Ignorance is not always bliss...

Ema Klugman recently wrote a fantastic guide to help riders tackle their first event successfully. I wish I had had that guide before my first horse trial. But 11-year-old Sable was a life expert who was way above reading guides. Heck, if I thought of it, I probably would have written a guide on doing your first horse trial before I had ever even done one myself! I had my 4-year-old paint quarter horse Joey and we were a force! Anyways, flashback 10 years to the Grandview Summer Horse Trials… My parents had signed me up for an “Event Prep…

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You are always training your horse – Are you being consistent?

You are still training in the warm-up! Karleigh Gray at Seneca Valley HT pictured.

Every time you swing your leg over your horse, you are training him. You are conditioning his brain and his body to your aids. You are either training him well or training him badly, but you are nevertheless training him. I have learned this subtle but inevitable truth both from great trainers and from experience. I began to think about it in the context of competition. As a quick recap, I argue that the Pony Club A rating measures riders’ competence based on their ability to think from a training perspective; meanwhile, I posit that an event rates horse/rider combinations…

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How much TB blood in the world’s top young CCI2* horses – A look at Le Lion d’Angers recent graduates

Great Britain’s Laura Collett and Cooley Again in the Seven-Year-Old CCI2* at the FEI World Breeding Eventing Championships for Young Horses 2015 at Le Lion d’Angers, France. (FEI/Eric Knoll)

Le Lion d’Angers is the FEI World Breeding Eventing Championships for Young Horses. Every year, the top 6-year-olds in the world face off in a CC1* division and the best 7-year-olds compete against one another in a CCI2* division. Last year, I researched how these young horses performed at the three and four-star level and they had huge success, some have even won medals. Recently, my interest has been piqued by the percentage of Thoroughbred blood in four-star horses. Using the HorseTelex database I discovered that on average, the top 10 placing horses at CCI4* events this year have 64.85%…

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My horse wish list grows with pick number two – Goresbridge auction

Castlefield Master-Goresbridge 2015

Goresbridge auction (November 9-11th) [Website] [Catalogue]  Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to bring you my wish list from the Goresbridge Go For Gold Select Sale of Eventers. I just want to clarify that this is not a sponsored feature and not part of our advertising contract with Goresbridge. As I was reviewing the catalogue and dreaming, I needed to share my thoughts on some very interesting prospects and open up the airwaves for discussion about what to look for in a new horse. Dear Santa or future owner, If you can’t bring me the pony I picked out…

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