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A luxury, airside hotel for horses – The ARK at JFK Airport

Photo via

  Sable Giesler, writer at Eventing Connect, feeds her ‘Munchkins’ bales from Eastern Hay. She highly recommends the quality and service Eastern Hay provides. Eventing Connect makes it a policy to only invite sponsors on our website who provide products and services that our writers and staff proudly use. This post is sponsored by Eastern Hay, the premier source of hay bales in Eastern USA. “Like a luxury, airside hotel for creatures great and small” greets you as you open the website for The ARK. And that’s exactly what it is. The only full-service privately owned animal reception and quarantine facility in the U.S.,…

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Two things that are way more important than ‘good turnout’

pat IMG_2945

  The night before an event, most riders (or their grooms) are meticulously shining their boots, making sure their horse’s braids are picture perfect, bleaching the grey horse’s tail one more time, etc. These are all part of the beauty rituals riders put themselves and their horses through so they gleam when they trot down the centerline, hopefully impressing the judge. This is what horse people call “good turnout”. Many riders pride themselves in their turnout and strive to win the best turnout award at the event (yes some events actually have judges and award a prize). Why is turnout…

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Friday’s Five – Trot up tips to own the jog

Learn to jog horses up as well as Mark Todd can.

  At every CCI event you have to jog your horse up for the Ground Jury once before dressage and then again after cross-country, before you can show jump. Additionally, if a CIC event runs cross-country before show jumping, you will have to jog up your horse. These jog ups are to ensure that all horses are fit and sound to compete. However, having a horse that is a hundred-percent sound still does not guarantee you will be ‘accepted’ and able to show. Countless sound horses have been ‘spun’ at jog ups because of poor presentation. It is easy for…

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Friday’s Fashion – Modern rain boots that you need to survive the spring mud

Time to throw out your ugly old rain boots... 
Photo credit to  Jorg Hackemann/

  This series features fashion must have items for riders and their horses. Tune in every Friday with your (or your parents’ or your significant other’s) credit card in hand,  for some excellent fashion finds. Lets bring style to the Eventing world!  I have not personally tested all of the featured products but the websites they are available through are reputable and I will not feature any products with negative reviews. If you own any of these products please share your to opinions so we can all find the best deals and look great… Spring is finally here and with all the melting snow and neverending rain things…

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16 Eventing facts you can blurt out during awkward silences

WARNING: As awkwardly quiet as it can get during dressage tests, don't scream these facts out with a megaphone.

  Life is full of awkward silences. But fear not, now you can break those uncomfortable moments by blurting out some impressive Eventing facts that are sure to get a conversation going. Did you know… 1) Eventing made its Olympic debut at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, Sweden. 2) Mark Todd (NZL) is the oldest rider to win a four-star. At age 55, he was victorious at the 2011 Badminton CCI4* aboard Landvision. 3) Alex Hua Tian became China’s first Olympic equestrian when he competed as an individual in Eventing at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 4) Females were not allowed…

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The bumpy road to my dream ride: Part 2 – Surviving an upgrade

Photo by Joan Davis of Flatlandphoto.

  OK so if you read my first article, “Dreams have no age limit – It’s never too late for Equestrians” then you know I’m a crazy HORSE NUT that can’t get enough of this sport! Even though I’m in my late fifties, I still feel like that kid dreaming about horses in my bedroom. Most of the time I can’t believe I’m actually living my dream, but it was not easy getting here and these are the gory details of my journey in the pursuit of my dream ride… The bumpy road to my dream ride: Part 1 –…

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Six super impressive things about being an Eventer that you should brag about


  Eventing is an adrenaline rush for riders and fans. To grow the sport we all have a responsibility to spread the word about what a blast it is to attend a competition. The fact that the entire gamut of Eventing athletes from beginner to Olympian can be seen at almost any show makes it particularly impressive. If people outside the sport are aware of this dynamic and how easy it is to attend a show, they may be more likely to support it as either a spectator, owner, rider, sponsor, etc. People outside of the horse world do not…

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Thoughts your horse has during long trailer rides


  WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour Check in every Tuesday for our Top 10 list that could feature just about anyone or anything related to Eventing. No rider, owner, coach, or nation is off limits. Remember: “Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.”   10. Bitch, my hay net is already empty. 9. Maybe I can paw my way out of this boring box. 8. I wouldn’t have guessed that it’s possible, but your driving is even worse than your riding… 7. Why is there no freaking A/C in here? This…

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Send a picture of your SHABBY breeches for a chance to win a CHIC pair from Noel Asmar Equestrian

Send a picture of your shabby breeches and a memory of your time  together and you could win a chic new pair from Noel Asmar Equestrian.

  We are beyond excited to partner with Noel Asmar Equestrian to give you an opportunity to add some class to your riding wardrobe. Your most worn out breeches could win you a $240.00 stylish pair from Noel Asmar Equestrian.   What’s their story? If your breeches could talk…what would they tell us about your time together? Good, triumphant, embarrassing funny, bad or ugly, every pair of breeches is witness to a part of your remarkable life as a rider. Write us a memory from your time with your breeches and send a picture of them in their ragged, stained,…

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The bumpy road to my dream ride: Part 1 – It takes a village and a fortune

Lynn & Whimsy.

  My horse is amazing, beautiful and athletic… And yes a DIVA! When you hear athletic you must read between lines… You will have a horse bred to do the job, so you must be up for the challenge and be just as fit to ride this animal! I try to defy my age… but the truth is if I don’t have a bottle of Advil on hand, I can barely get through my ride. My horse’s big gaits killed my back to the point that if we stopped after warming up before a jump round, it almost took my…

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