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Last Week TODAY

Photo via @Ogmediasolution on Twitter.

  Catch up on interesting tidbits that you might have missed last week. We work hard to catch all the good stuff so you don’t have to.   Got a little close to that one — Dan Jocelyn (@DanJocelyn) May 9, 2017   Home is where the MOM is #happymothersday #herestoyoumom #wouldntbeherewithoutyou #literally #weloveyoutooDADS A post shared by Lainey Ashker (@laineyea) on May 13, 2017 at 8:45pm PDT   Zara finishing 3rd today in the OIu21 at Aston A post shared by Emily King (@emilykingofficial) on May 10, 2017 at 11:12am PDT     Me and Louis having a…

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Eventing absolutely slaying it on Instagram this weekend


  Instagram connects the world through photos and eventers love to share their lives on this social media platform. We have found Eventing pics from every continent in the world on Instagram. This is your chance to check out the entire world of eventers competing, training and having fun. Enjoy some international Eventing action thanks to some social media savvy riders…   Loooooong stride!!! They made it over safely though #chatsworth #flyer #eventing #crosscountry A post shared by Becky Woodall (@rebecca_woodall) on May 13, 2017 at 6:49am PDT   ✈️ #hkm#marbacheventing#eventing#crosscountry A post shared by HKM Sports Equipment GmbH (@hkmsportsequipment)…

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Celebrating a win – Should more events have victory gallops?

Team Brazil-2015 Pan Am GamesIMG_3065

  You’ve probably seen them at the biggest events in the U.S., like Fair Hill and Kentucky. If you’re not a rider who’s placed in the top 20 at FHI or Rolex or a three-day of that caliber, and unless you’ve done well at the AECs, you haven’t had the wind whip at your smile and the ribbon flap on your horse’s bridle as you canter around the show jumping arena after an event. You haven’t heard the clapping from those watching, congratulating you and your competitors on your weekend. Instead, these days the collective clapping emerges in the form…

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Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Taylor Blumenthal

Taylor & Saxon

   Rider Connect sponsor: Bit of Britain has been a trusted source for quality horse tack and equestrian clothing since 1987. Today’s featured rider is Taylor Blumenthal, a hardworking mother and professional eventer who keeps busy juggling her business and family life. If you would like to be featured in Rider Connect, email me.   Get to know Taylor My name is Taylor Blumenthal. I live just outside of Atlanta, GA with my husband, toddler daughter, one big dog and one little dog. I became obsessed with horses at age 12 after a week at horse summer camp. I am now 30 years…

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Five tips to get the most out of your cross-country warm-up

Bendigo in warm-up. Forward, straight, and rideable is key. Photo by Natalie Huso.

  I was talking to a friend the other day about how funny it is to discuss our sport with non-horse people. She said that her friends couldn’t understand why she was still taking lessons. “Don’t you already know how to ride?” they asked. “Well, yes,” she said. “But I’m always trying to get better.” Competing in this sport successfully means you at least know the basics and can perform them well the majority of the time. But as we all know, beyond the basics there are so many intricacies on the path to success. Each time you move up…

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Buying a horse that you will outgrow – The responsible purchase

sable & katie xc

  Imagine the world where not everyone is looking for a Preliminary horse… Preliminary is the magic level in Eventing when it comes to horse sales. Many riders will only buy horses that have gone Prelim, if they have the budget. Riders without the budget for a proven Preliminary horse want a horse with ‘Preliminary or higher potential’. Although I have not personally sold many horses, I have been in enough sales barns to notice this definite buying trend. Wonderfully talented horses will get imported with no Preliminary mileage and no one will even come out and try them. Then…

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The winning Spring themed horse name is… CLICK to find out who gets the new Perri’s halter.


  With over 6,200 votes cast, our readers decided that Perriwinkle Blue has the coolest spring themed name. Congratulation to Bryony Whitby who will be able to sport Perriwinkle Blue around in a very fine ‘Amish made’ Perri’s leather halter with an engraved plate. Perriwinkle Blue earned 4.95 star rating and 610 votes. Thank you to Perri’s Leather for bringing us this monthly contest to celebrate horse names, have some fun and give you a chance to win a beautiful Perri’s leather halter with an engraved plate to show off your horse’s unique name. Here are your top six:     J names for June We are inviting you to…

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What will galloping Thoroughbreds teach you? These valuable lessons…- From Back on Track

Photo by

  Great for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Products for horses, dogs and people. Visit   You may have noticed I’ve been absent from writing this winter. (Oh, you haven’t noticed? Well don’t I feel loved…!) Instead of writing, I’ve been riding– riding a LOT. I picked up a side job galloping race horses in the mornings, and while it isn’t easy, I would STRONGLY encourage any serious event rider to spend a month (or more) riding in the fast lane. Is it dangerous? Sure, as are most things we do with horses, particularly riding cross-country. However, finding the…

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Top 10 triumphant moments at Badminton 2017

Photo via @almost.always.amalie on Instagram.

  Connect with the Badminton CCI4* action:[Website] [Results] As eventers know too well, it is a rare occurrence to compete at an event and things go to plan. Badminton 2017 was a weekend filled with highs and lows for riders across the leaderboard. Let’s take a moment and celebrate the “Top 10 triumphant moments” at Badminton this year. We all were smiling for everyone on the list. We are Eventers, we can’t help but be happy for these riders. 10. Beanie Sturgis’ (GBR) Lebowski finishing in 23rd place at 17-years-young. Lebowski’s has been produced all the way up the levels…

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Horses can be heartbreaking. What happens when the love runs out?


  Horses are hard. Real hard. Yes, It’s the financial expense, the physical labour, the hours and hours of our lives that we can never get back, the sacrifice. But more than that, it’s the love for them. That’s the hardest part of it all. That’s the biggest price we have to pay. Most people who end up involved in the production of competition horses do so because they love both the sport and the species. Throughout the average working career of a rider, horses will come and go and many lessons will be learned along the way. For me,…

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