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How did the ’16 riders to watch in 2016′ perform during the Olympic year?

April Simmonds (CAN) and Quebec NZPH.

  Last year, Eventing Connect highlighted “16 Eventers to watch in 2016”. These 16 riders had some interesting results in 2015 and were vying for a coveted 2016 Olympic team spot. Six out of these 16 riders did make it all the way to Rio and two even won Olympic medals. Although not all 16 riders made it to the Rio Olympics, they all had impressive 2016 seasons and are certainly 2018 World Equestrian Games material. Keep your eye on these riders this year because they did not disappoint in 2016. 1) Waylon Roberts (CAN) – In 2016 Waylon caught…

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How do equestrians spend money compared to normal people?

Horse stable

  If you are a rider or horse owner, odds are that you are not rolling in money. But you are not impoverished either. You are probably considered ‘horse poor’. This means you spend all of your hard earned money on horses so you have none left for ‘normal’ purchases. Why would you spend a dime on pointless luxury items when you can use it fund your passion? Although you might make more money than your non-horsey friends and family, outside the horse world, no one would guess this. Do these spending habits strike a familiar chord? 1) Normal people…

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Solidify yourself in the saddle with these five core exercises

Make it your goal to get Boyd Martin stickability this year...

  Developing core strength will make you a better rider in all three phases. Having strong core muscles betters your balance and posture in the saddle. It does not matter what level you are competing at, building a strong core will make a noticeable difference in your riding. These are the five core exercises I like to do on a regular basis to keep myself eventer fit: 1) Alternating superman: This exercise is dead simple and is great to work the smaller ab muscles that many core exercises do not. Lie face down (I recommend doing so on an exercise…

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What is a personal brand and why Eventers need one

Buck Davidson's lucky socks that he always wears for horse inspections are part of his personal brand. Riding multiple mounts at every show and top placings all contribute to the Buck Davidson brand.

  What is a personal brand? As an Eventer and athlete publicly competing, your brand is simply what people think of you when they hear your name or see you. Your brand only exists in the minds of the people that know you. What are you like? What can someone expect when he/she interacts with you? Simply put, your brand is how people perceive you. For example, read the below names and think about what feelings and adjectives that come to mind. Your impression of them defines their personal brands and as a result is the driving force behind their…

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Last Week TODAY

Photo via @lissagreen88 on Instagram.

  Catch up on interesting tidbits that you might have missed last week. We work hard to catch all the good stuff so you don’t have to.   THEY'RE MARRIED!!!!!! #HobdayWedding #NoGoingBack #DeedIsDone #BackToTheShire #QuestForTheRing #MyPrecious #TotesEmosh @benhobday @emmacarmichael A photo posted by Lissa Green (@lissagreen88) on Dec 31, 2016 at 5:22am PST   2016…Bye Bitch 2017…Hello Beautiful (This dope a$$ edit courtesy of @photosbycallie ) A video posted by Lainey Ashker (@laineyea) on Dec 27, 2016 at 5:27pm PST   Set for life, with my new Wife. #HobdayWedding #BestFriend #NewYear #AstonMartinDB9 #BestPartyEver #LivingTheDreamWithMyQueen #TrueStory ❤️ A video posted by…

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Your New Year’s resolutions versus your horse’s 2017 plans…


  New Years resolutions are a minefield when it comes to horses. We riders can have as many resolve-filled ambitions as we like, but the sad truth is that our horses do not do the same. Even if they did decide to turn over a new leaf or kick bad habits to the kerb on the 1st of January, its highly unlikely that their ideas would marry up to ours… For example, you might think to yourself that although you hate ditches, you are going to ride with renewed determination at any fences with a ditch, so that your horse always…

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The 20 ULTIMATE Eventing social media moments from 2016


  This year was full of  highs and lows for the top eventers around the world and many of these moments were broadcast on their social media. We live in a social media world and even Eventing legends are sharing their lives on social media. Every Monday, Eventing Connect made stalking the world’s elite eventers easier for you with our Last Week TODAY series that rounded up the social media highlights from each week. Some of these Tweets, Insta photos and Facebook posts were just too awesome not share again. Here are the best social media moments from the world’s top eventers:   Jock had to…

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Bit of Britain’s Next Top Riders are…

Congratulations to this generation of riders who understand the importance of self branding and social media.

  Wow, what a fun campaign! We are so impressed with the young riders that are coming up the ranks with athletic ability, social media savvy, and the understanding of a sponsorship relationship. The riders who participated in this campaign are all very talented and entrepreneurial riders with bright futures. Eventing Connect wants to thank you for participating and supporting Bit of Britain’s Next Top Rider sponsorship. This has been an amazing social media campaign and voting spree with over 120,000 votes cast (20,000 cast the last day). After reviewing public support, individual social media activity and followers, Bit of…

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Stylish six – The best dressed riders of 2016


Only the riders with jaw dropping style made it into Eventing Connect’s ‘Stylish Six‘ throughout the year at the CCI horse inspections. These eventers owned the “jog-way” and made these FEI inspections fun with their red carpet style. Our resident fashion police have narrowed it down to the six most stylish riders of 2016. Which rider made you take notice?… Choose fashionably! 

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Proper mounting block manners – Simple training guide

Well not quite... You should always wear a helmet. But that horse appears to be standing mannerly!

  Riding a horse that does not stand patiently at the mounting block while you are trying to mount up is annoying and can even be dangerous. Many riders overlook the importance of instilling good mounting block manners in their horses. Sometimes, the more athletic a rider is, the less likely they are to make their horse stand at the mounting block. These athletic and experienced riders make flying leaps from the mounting block onto their fidgety horses then hang on tight. But there are no real excuses for neglecting this training basic. Teaching your horse to stand politely at…

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