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Horses that are severely allergic to wood: Part 2

Photo via @giorgiaburnseventing on Instagram.

  Some horses are more careful jumpers than others. But there are overachieving mounts that seemingly defy the laws of gravity while jumping. Maybe it is because they are allergic to wood or perhaps, they are trying to avoid getting eaten a monster that could be lurking under the fence. These horses’ riders might want to wear a spacesuit during their next jump school because their steeds are jumping to the moon… Cross country training yesterday…. safe to say boss has a little bit of scope ! Need to look out the parachute #winnerswearaptcavalier #noscopenohope #TeamDave A post shared by…

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Rider Connect from Bit of Britain: Lauren Eckardt

Lauren Eckardt & Reeses

   Rider Connect sponsor: Bit of Britain has been a trusted source for quality horse tack and equestrian clothing since 1987. Today’s featured rider is Lauren Eckardt, a mother of two with a successful Eventing business. If you would like to be featured in Rider Connect, email me.   Get to know Lauren I am a 35-year-old mother of two, horse trainer from Montgomery, AL currently residing in Alpharetta, Ga. I started riding at 6-years-old and worked my way up through the levels to Advanced while I was in college. After college, I was in corporate America working for Ameriprise Financial for five…

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Whose wounded legs will be sporting a brand new pair of Noel Asmar Equestrian breeches?


  We are thrilled that when we asked for pictures of breeches that were in dire need to be replaced, riders from all around the world delivered. They also shared their stories about their lives with these breeches that should be laid to rest. With our partners at Noel Asmar Equestrian, we narrowed the contest down to these 24 entries and let our readers vote on who they thought most deserved a new pair of breeches. With almost 6,000 votes cast, our readers decided that Nina Biel was in desperate need of a brand new pair of Noel Asmar Equestrian breeches.  Nina’s breeches story earned a 4.85-star…

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Friday’s Five – Pony Club rules that are slightly too impractical

Bringing in four horses at a time. NOT Pony Club approved.

  I’m a proud Pony Club alumnus. For horsemanship and riding instruction, Pony Club can’t be beat. It’s the gold standard of horse safety, and if a kid has come through the ratings, you know they have met certain requirements for knowledge and skill. I didn’t make it to my A rating– I came to a cross-roads in life where it was either go for the national ratings, or go to a CCI*– and I chose the three day. Don’t regret it for a moment, but I also am very thankful to the rock-solid foundation Pony Club gave to me….

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Friday’s Fashion – Bras and panties that won’t hinder your performance in the saddle


  This series features fashion “must have” items for riders and their horses. Tune in every Friday with your (or your parents’ or your significant other’s) credit card in hand,  for some excellent fashion finds. Let’s bring style to the Eventing world!  I have not personally tested all of the featured products but the websites they are available through are reputable and I will not feature any products with negative reviews. If you own any of these products please share your to opinions so we can all find the best deals and look great… Not all undergarments were created with riders in mind. It can be tricky to…

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This gelding defines a perfect upper level Eventing prospect – Goresbridge Auction

Lot 07, Mulvin Mr Mermus.

  May Select Sale of Eventers (May 29th): [Website] [Catalogue] [Performance footage] Over the next week and a bit, Eventing Connect writers are going to bring you their fantasy shopping list from the May Select Sale Of Eventers (May 29th). The Eventing Connect writers were reviewing the catalogue and dreaming and wanted share our thoughts on some very interesting prospects to open up the airwaves for discussion about what to look for in a new horse. Lot 07, Mulvin Mr Mermus is a classy type with a well-proportioned body and kind eye. At five years old, he appears to have a fabulous work ethic and some spunk to pair…

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Welcome to the horse world’s social media rat race

Ema & Joker’s Win at MCTA horse trials. Photo by Cynthia Sayre Gilbert.

  Social media has changed our sport. I think many of us are unaware of how online commentary and images affect how we view ourselves, our horses, and our goals. It’s been well-documented and noted that social media, in general, tends to produce a skewed view of people. People showcase their best moments—posing at prom, smiling at graduation, hugging friends against a beautiful backdrop when they’re on vacation. Horse people, for the most part, do the same. We post pictures that make ourselves and our horses look like winners. We sometimes put up unflattering moments—spectacular falls can provide comic relief!…

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So it’s just riding a horse, right? – The mental aspect of this sport from Back On Track

2017 Millbrook stadium. Photo credit by my friend, Debra Levasseuer with her iPhone.

    Great for muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Products for horses, dogs and people. Visit OK so if you read my first article, “Dreams have no age limit – It’s never too late for Equestrians” then you know I’m a crazy HORSE NUT that can’t get enough of this sport!  But here’s a little more about me…I started riding as an adult…I’m no expert horse trainer but full of lots of trial and error experiences…just a horse nut that was given the high determination gene and I use it to seek out the best for my horse and I….

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11 Equestrian uses for vinegar that will change your life from MD Barnmaster

Photo credit to

  MD Barnmaster is the leader in custom designed barns, horse housing,  professional equestrian facilities, horse stalls, modular buildings and barn accessories. Build A Better Barn. Contact MD Barnmaster today. Vinegar (noun): a sour-tasting liquid containing acetic acid, obtained by fermenting dilute alcoholic liquids, typically wine, cider, or beer, and used as a condiment or for pickling. Based on the definition above, vinegar doesn’t sound as though it has the power to transform your horsey life but it definitely can. Vinegar is an absolute must-have in every barn because it has a variety of mega helpful uses. Best of all, vinegar is cheap!…

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Is your horse sporting a crappy halter? Enter for a chance to win a custom Perri’s leather halter

portrait of a horse on  background  blue sky

  We are thrilled to partner with Perri’s Leather and bring you a monthly contest to celebrate horse names and have some fun. For the next 10 months, you will have an opportunity to enter your horse’s unique name in a contest that will be judged by our readers. If our readers choose your horse’s name, you will win a beautiful ‘Amish made’ Perri’s leather halter with an engraved plate to show off your horse’s winning name. Each month, the call for submissions will be based on a different theme. ‘J’ names – since June is on its way! We…

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