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Tackle the Carolina International CIC3* with Elisa Wallace – VIDEO Break

wallace helmet cam

  Ride around the challenging Carolina International CIC3* cross-country track with Elisa Wallace (USA) and Simply Pricless. Yesterday, many of the top riders in North America rode around this course, which caused some problems for even seasoned pairs. Elisa and her 16-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, Simply Priceless coasted around the course adding only 8.8 time penalties to their score to finish in a respectable 30th place. This pair is planning to contest at the prestigious Badminton CCI4* this spring. Enjoy taking a virtual ride aboard this seasoned four-star horse…     Scroll for more top stories on Eventing Connect

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The beach is clearly more fun with horses – VIDEO Break

horse beach

  Over the winter, you probably saw some clips of people ‘skijoring’, which is when a skier is pulled behind a horse and rider. If you thought that looked like fun, how about wakeboarding behind a horse. Everyone knows that summer activities are way better than winter because duh, you aren’t freezing your face off. By the time you finish watching this video, you might be ordering a wakeboard and arranging a trip to the beach with your horse and friends…    

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This show jumper can’t be tamed – VIDEO Break

show jumper stall

  Once a horse knows how to jump it can be hard to keep contained. Paddock fences, stalls, etc. are all just another fence. This show jumper has learned that he doesn’t have to stay in his stall because he can just jump to freedom. Have you ever had a horse that was tough to keep in some enclosures?    

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“Woah Shamrock!” OTTB takes man on the ride of his life – VIDEO Break

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 5.40.46 PM

  Inexperienced rider, Nick Bull got more than he bargained for when he went out for a hack on his OTTB, Shamrock. Although Shamrock is retired, he forgot this and began reliving his glory days taking Nick for a high-speed gallop. Nick begged and pleaded for his speedy steed to slow down but his efforts were futile and he ultimately took a tumble into the mud. Fortunately, both horse and rider were unharmed and a hilarious helmet cam video was the result of this small fiasco…    

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Take a ride back in time with this 1993 Badminton CCI4* action – VIDEO Break

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 5.10.03 PM

  Yesterday, the 2017 Badminton Horse Trials (May 3rd-7th) entries went live. There are 85 entries accepted and 36 pairs are on the waitlist. The 2016 winners, Michael Jung (GER) and La Biosthetique Sam FBW are among the entered but they are going to face some serious competition to maintain their title. While we wait for this year’s Badminton excitement, let’s travel back 24 years in time to the 1993 Badminton, when Ginny Leng and Welton Houdini claimed the victory… The cross-country riding action starts at 10:50 on the video.    

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This Olympic rider’s story is beyond inspiring – VIDEO Break

lis hartels

  At 23-years-old, Danish dressage rider, Lis Hartels contracted polio and was left paralyzed from the knee down as a result. For many people, this would’ve been the end of their sporting careers. But Lis pushed on, conquering her disability and bringing home medals for her nation. Watch the video below to see her story… And remember no matter what life throws your way with a little determination you can be triumphant.    

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This horse is making a radical fashion statement – VIDEO Break

chicken hat

  This horse was sick and tired of just getting to wear leahter bridles and halters. He wanted something different. A fancy hat. A hat that could turn heads at even the Kentucky Derby. So he found that special hat. But unfortunatly, the hat is a bit tricky to convince to stay on his head… #Awkward    

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This horse takes nosiness to a whole new level – VIDEO Break


  Like humans, some horses are naturally more curious nosey than others. This horse, however, has taken things up a few notches. Instead of just doing a classic little rear to peer over at his stall neighbour, he has found a better way to check things out next door. Bonus points for good balance, this guy could have a career in the circus. Have you ever seen a horse do something like this?    

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