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The joys of being a riding coach… – VIDEO Break

coach text

  Working in the horse world is not easy business. And if you’re a riding coach you probably have dealt with certain students that are a little on the frustrating side to deal with. This texting conversation perfectly illustrates the struggle…    

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Stable cats living the dream and getting InstaFamous: Part 18

grazing cat

  Eventers are always showing their dogs love via posting adorable pictures of them at events on social media. But what about the not-so-hard-working stable cats who spend their weekends lounging about the barn? Show your stable cat some love and give it the chance to be Instagram famous by posting a picture of it with #EventerCat and it may make it into a future feature. Here are the stable cats who have been making waves on Instagram lately…   Friends don't let friends eat grass alone. #helovesthecat #catlicker #horsesofinstagram #warmbloodsofinstagram #canadiansporthorse #warmblood #dressagehorse #eventer #barncat #catsofinstagram #bffs #mcsteamy #albertalife #tablefortwo…

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How Michael Jung warms up before a CCI4* dressage test – VIDEO Break

jung warmup

  Ever wonder what the legendary Michael Jung (GER) does in the warm-up with his horses before he heads into the show ring? Now’s your chance to find out! Check out this incredible video of Michael’s entire dressage warm-up with Fischerrocana FST at this year’s Rolex CCI4*. They were 2nd after dressage on a score of a 37.1 and went on to win the event. But this is how they started their winning weekend…    

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Heart of the Carolinas Classic 3-Day water complex action – VIDEO Break

southern 8ths

  Over the weekend, eventers from across the Eastcoast were out in full force competing at the Heart of the Carolinas Classica 3-Day event at Southern 8ths Farm in Chesterfield, SC. This unique event ran the classic long format three-day event format from the Beginner Novice level up to Training level. There were also normal horse trial divisions ranging from Beginner Novice to the new Modified level. Interestingly, this is the only event in the world to hold a long format event at the Beginner Novice level. No expenses were spared at this event and everything from the footing, to…

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Watch ALL of the 2017 Badminton cross-country action – VIDEO Break

Astier Nicolas (FRA) and Piaf de B'Neville making an unreal save at the corner. Watch it at 54:45.

  Connect with the Badminton CCI4* action:[Website] [Results] [Live Stream]] Watch ALL of the 2017 Badminton cross-country action – VIDEO Break This year’s Badminton CCI4* cross-country course was a huge test for riders and horses. Eric Winter designed what could be classed as a ‘five-star’ course if there were such a thing. There were only 32 clear rounds and 49 finishers from the 81 starters. Only two were inside the optimum time of 11 minutes 34 seconds. Relive the cross-country excitement from the weekend by watching all of the cross-country footage…    

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Andrew Nicholson and Nereo conquering Badminton – VIDEO Break


&nbps; Yesterday, Andrew Nicholson (NZL) made history by breaking the record number of Badminton CCI4* completions by finishing his 37th and he did so in style by winning his first Badminton title aboard Nereo. Their clear show jumping round moved them up from 3rd after cross-country into 1st and the entire Eventing world couldn’t be happier for them. Check out their highlights from this weekend to celebrate their historic win… &nbps; &nbps;

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Eventing absolutely slaying it on Instagram this weekend

Screen Shot 2017-05-06 at 11.35.25 PM

  Instagram connects the world through photos and eventers love to share their lives on this social media platform. We have found Eventing pics from every continent in the world on Instagram. This is your chance to check out the entire world of eventers competing, training and having fun. Enjoy some international Eventing action thanks to some social media savvy riders…   The Chiberta Lab, now complete with autopilot function! #kidding #thatwouldbecoolthough #badminton #eventing #eventingnation #devoucoux #teamgreen #sarahparkes #crosscountry A post shared by Maureen Flores (@devoucoux_norcal) on May 6, 2017 at 12:16pm PDT   The sky was a bit ominous…

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11 Flawless dressage pictures that will inspire you today and every day


  Dressage takes years and years for both horse and rider to master. It is equally physically and mentally demanding. Riders need to the utmost attention to detail and patience in order to succeed at dressage. Meanwhile, horses need to be obedient, calm and strong to excel at dressage, which of course takes heaps of top training. For your inspiration to keep working away on your dressage skillz scroll through the photos below… These pairs have achieved virtual dressage perfection and should be proud of it.      

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How to ride the Badminton CCI4* cross-country perfectly – VIDEO Break

badminton xc

  Connect with the Badminton CCI4* action:[Website] [Schedule] [Times/Results] [Live Stream] Yesterday’s Badminton CCI4* cross-country course was extremely influential with only 49 out of the 82 starters completing the course. Ingrid Klimke (GER) and Horseware Hale Bob gave everyone a riding lesson finishing the course with a mere 3.2-time penalties to take the lead. Their round was as hoof-perfect as it gets at the CCI4* level. Check out their entire round from yesterday and prepare to be in awe…    

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