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This foal’s reaction to scratches is priceless – VIDEO Break

foal scratches

  The only word to describe this is ‘priceless’. Have you ever seen a foal make faces quite this hilariously adorable? This little guy is guaranteed to grow up to be quite the character…     Scroll for more top stories on Eventing Connect

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Eventing absolutely slaying it on Instagram this weekend


  Instagram connects the world through photos and eventers love to share their lives on this social media platform. We have found Eventing pics from every continent in the world on Instagram. This is your chance to check out the entire world of eventers competing, training and having fun. Enjoy some international Eventing action thanks to some social media savvy riders…   Yup I had fun today First eventing of the saison Dressuur 3de Cross stopje op water Springen foutloos ❤️#teampink #eventing #fun A post shared by Ynke Henrard (@ynkehenrard) on Mar 19, 2017 at 12:44pm PDT   Big John…

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This Olympic rider’s story is beyond inspiring – VIDEO Break

lis hartels

  At 23-years-old, Danish dressage rider, Lis Hartels contracted polio and was left paralyzed from the knee down as a result. For many people, this would’ve been the end of their sporting careers. But Lis pushed on, conquering her disability and bringing home medals for her nation. Watch the video below to see her story… And remember no matter what life throws your way with a little determination you can be triumphant.    

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This horse is making a radical fashion statement – VIDEO Break

chicken hat

  This horse was sick and tired of just getting to wear leahter bridles and halters. He wanted something different. A fancy hat. A hat that could turn heads at even the Kentucky Derby. So he found that special hat. But unfortunatly, the hat is a bit tricky to convince to stay on his head… #Awkward    

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This horse takes nosiness to a whole new level – VIDEO Break


  Like humans, some horses are naturally more curious nosey than others. This horse, however, has taken things up a few notches. Instead of just doing a classic little rear to peer over at his stall neighbour, he has found a better way to check things out next door. Bonus points for good balance, this guy could have a career in the circus. Have you ever seen a horse do something like this?    

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Stable cats living the dream and getting InstaFamous: Part 14

stable cat insta

  Eventers are always showing their dogs love via posting adorable pictures of them at events on social media. But what about the not-so-hard-working stable cats who spend their weekends lounging about the barn? Show your stable cat some love and give it the chance to be Instagram famous by posting a picture of it with #EventerCat and it may make it into a future feature. Here are the stable cats who have been making waves on Instagram lately…   Had such a great ride on Gabe tonight!! He was so good even when we went off property by ourselves! Love…

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Australian Eventing action at Kirkcaldy Park – VIDEO Break


  Eventers from South Australia were contesting at the Horseland Kirkcaldy Park Horse Trials on March 4th. This was the first event of the 2017 season in South Australia. The event hosted divisions ranging from 50 cm to 105 cm. Check out what Eventing is like in Australia by watching this fun Kirkcaldy Park highlight video…    

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Red Hills CIC3* cross-country action – VIDEO Break

red hills

  Over the weekend, some of North America’s most talented pairs were contesting in the CIC3* at the Red Hills International H.T. in Tallahassee, Florida. Cross-country course designer, Mike Etherington-Smith created a testing track for riders and horses. No one was able to finish inside the optimum time in the CIC3* around the twisty course. Lisa Marie Ferguson (CAN) and Honor Me were the fastest of the day, finishing with 4.8 time penalties to earn them a 8th place finish. The division was claimed by Hannah Sue Burnett (USA) and Harbour Pilot. Jennie Brannigan and her longtime partner, Cambalda finished…

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