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How to earn a perfect ’10′ for style – VIDEO Break


  You never plan to get soaking wet in any water jump, especially not at the World Equestrian Games… But if you are going to take a dip make sure you do so with a level of style and finesse that will impress the likes of four-star champion, Andrew Hoy. Here’s perfect example of how to execute a stylish water jump dismount (make sure you have volume turned on before you watch)…     Scroll for more top stories on Eventing Connect

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The most unusual pair of friends – VIDEO Break

cute pair

  A dog and a miniature pony seem like an odd pair to be apparent best friends. But these two make great playmates for one another and watching them in action will bring a smile to your face…    

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Motivational posters for Eventers

Photo credit to Doug Payne.

  Eventing is a tough sport and as an Eventer you have to know how to roll with the punches. Even the best in the world have had some low moments in their careers. There are some quotes that I have heard over the years, that have stuck with me and echo through my mind when I am feeling a bit down. We are a rare breed and these posters are just for you. Which one is your favourite?          

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What riders are really thinking in dressage – VIDEO Break

dressage funny

  Dressage is stressful, overly serious and definitely not an eventer’s favourite phase. This dressage freestyle spoof is brutally honest and will have you in stitches… Have some of these thoughts ever crossed your mind in the ring?    

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Ocala Winter I Horse Trials cross-country action – Gallery

Dasha Ivandaeva & DB Cooper.

  The 2017 US Eventing season kicked off last weekend, at the Ocala Winter I Horse Trials in Florida. Riders from across North America who made the trek to Ocala, Florida for the winter season were competing at this event. The temperature was brisk (by Florida standards), the sun was shining and horses and riders were happy to be back out on cross-country. Check out and share these photos from the Preliminary cross-country. Feel free to republish them and use them for your personal use. Just credit Eventing Connect. Enjoy! #GrowEventing – ideas on how to use your photos your social media thank…

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This 2017 Badminton preview will have you ordering your tickets ASAP – VIDEO Break

badminton 2017 commercial

  There are not even four months left until the this year’s Badminton CCI4* kicks off (May 3rd to 7th). Ticket are already on sale and if you are unsure about whether you want to go to this world class event, just watch this video. Click here to order your tickets and start counting down the days until you get to watch this incredible event live.

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Stable cats living the dream and getting InstaFamous: Part 10

Photo via @gremlyn08.

  Eventers are always showing their dogs love via posting adorable pictures of them at events on social media. But what about the not-so-hard-working stable cats who spend their weekends lounging about the barn? Show your stable cat some love and give it the chance to be Instagram famous by posting a picture of it with #EventerCat and it may make it into a future feature. Here are the stable cats who have been making waves on Instagram lately…   Mouse just wants to have dinner but the fat kitten keeps bothering him #horsesofinstagram #ottb #thoroughbred #thoroughbredsofinstagram #barncat #catsofinstagram #horsenation A…

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The future of US Eventing: What the Developing Riders really do… – VIDEO Break


  Eventers selected for the 2016 Eventing 25 and 18 Developing Rider Programs are preparing for the competition season at winter training sessions with USEF Eventing Developing Rider Coach, Leslie Law. The training sessions, are being held at Meredyth South currently. But like many aspects of Eventing, these training sessions are not all that glamorous. Yesterday, 25 rider, Zach Brandt showed just how talented you have to be to make this elite training list… #StayHumble #WorkHardRideHard     There is no debating this USEA selection.

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Grid work exercise of the week – VIDEO Break


  Take a free lesson with four-star rider, Laine Asker (USA) by copying this cool grid work exercise. It will give your horse fancy footwork and strengthen your core as a rider. Plus depending on which way you tackle this exercise, it will give you a different feeling. Try it out!     #GOTD I came up with this gem to work on some fancy footwork for the horses and strengthen our core as their riders! What's even cooler is that gives a totally different feel depending on which direction you tackle it! Feel free to screen shot and use…

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