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Stylish Six – The best dressed at the Rolex CCI4* first horse inspection

Do you recognize this pair?

  Connect with the Rolex Kentucky CCI4* action: [Website] [Schedule] [Times] [LIVE STREAM] This afternoon, the sun was shining but not as brightly as the perfectly groomed horses presented at the Rolex Kentucky CCI4* first horse inspection. From fancy hats to fun cowboy boot, everyone watching the horse inspection was treated to a New York Fashion Week calibre runway show. Of course, the beautifully turned out horses made far better fashion accessories than you’d find at a typical fashion event. Out of the 60 horses presented today, 59 were accepted. Colleen Rutledge (USA) chose to withdraw Covert Rights after being…

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Past Rolex Kentucky CCI4* winners in action – VIDEO Break

rk3de past winners

  Connect with the Rolex Kentucky CCI4* action: [Website] [Schedule] [Draw Order] This week, numerous world class duos from around the world will be contesting at the Rolex Kentucky CCI4* in Lexington, Kentucky. The event will kick off tomorrow with the first horse inspection, and dressage will follow on Thursday and Friday. On Saturday, the Kentucky Horse Park will be packed with fans watching the intense cross-country action. The event will conclude with show jumping on Sunday. Micahel Jung (GER) and Fisherrocana FST are competing this weekend. This seemingly unstoppable duo has been victorious at Rolex the last two years….

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This dressage horse has some absolutely wild moves – VIDEO Break

wild horse

  Some horses are more athletic than others, and far too often the better equine athletes tend to be a bit naughtier than the average horse. Perhaps these talented horses know they can get away with their occasional antics. This particular dressage horse has some pretty impressive aerial acrobatic moves. Props to his rider for sticking it out but seriously I think he desperately needs to wear a helmet.    

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14 Photos of cute mini horses to console you after a bad horse show


  Bad horse shows are an inevitable part of being an equestrian. When you’re competition partner is an animal with its own random thoughts it’s unrealistic to think every show will go plan. Although we all know that bad horse shows are unavoidable, it still sucks when you have one. If you are feeling a bit down after a rough weekend, you need something to cheer yourself up so you can head into your week feeling happy and hopeful. I recommend looking at adorable pictures of miniature horses to give your mood a boost. So if your weekend was on…

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Eventing absolutely slaying it on Instagram this weekend

insta autumn smith

  Instagram connects the world through photos and eventers love to share their lives on this social media platform. We have found Eventing pics from every continent in the world on Instagram. This is your chance to check out the entire world of eventers competing, training and having fun. Enjoy some international Eventing action thanks to some social media savvy riders…   She's pretty cool I guess#eventing A post shared by Autumn Smith (@___autumnsmith___) on Apr 23, 2017 at 12:31pm PDT   Lia McGuirk and Tequila Sonrise would finish in 2nd place in Training B at the Maryland Horse Trials…

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Proof that every barn needs goats in pajamas – VIDEO Break

goat pjs

  What’s cuter than little goats? Little goats dressed in pajamas! These hilarious goats are having what could only be described as a barn pajama party and it is too adorable for words. I don’t know about you, but I think the barn I’m at needs some goats to liven the place up… Do you know where I could buy some? And do they come standard with pajamas?    

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11 Flawless show jumping pictures that will inspire you today and every day

rambo jump

  Show jumping is really an artform. It takes an incredible amount of skill, talent and athleticism from horse and rider to jump a double clear round and look flawless while executing the task. It takes riders years and years (even decades) of training to achieve stellar equitation over jumps. Having good equitation not only makes for great pictures but it makes you a more effective rider. It also takes a significant amount of training for most horses to learn how to jump with good form with a human on their backs. For your inspiration to keep working away on…

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1995 Newdale H.T. Advanced cross-country action – VIDEO Break


  Take a trip back in time to the 1995 Newdale Horse Trials in Western Australia. This Channel Ten broadcast from 1995 is a real blast from the past. Check out the fantastic footage from the Intermediate Young Rider division and the Advanced… Cross-country courses have certainly changed a lot in the last 22 years!    

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How to win a CCI1* – VIDEO Break

ellie macphail

  Winning an FEI event is no easy task. So just what just does it take to be victorious in a CCI1*? What calibre of mount do you need and how flawless must you ride? Watch Ellie MacPhail O’Neal (USA) and Fury H, a 7-year-old KWPN geldning clinch the win at the Ocala International CCI1* to find out… They stayed on their 41.9 dressage score to move up from 6th after dressage, to 5th after cross-country and after a double clear show jumping around over a tough track they moved up into the covetted 1st place. Bonus fun fact: Ellie’s…

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