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Friday’s Five – Grooming products you cannot compete without

kermit jog up

  Trotting down centerline on an impeccably turned out horse will make a good impression on the dressage judge. Likewise, riding a horse that is groomed to the nines around the competition grounds will make you look like a more polished and professional rider. Plus your show photos will look all the more impressive if your horse is freakishly well turned out. If you want your horse to look Olympic-ready you have to use the right grooming products. Add these must-have products to your arsenal to ensure your horse is always in the front running for the ‘best turned out’…

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Friday’s Five – Volunteer jobs that will take your riding to the next level

Even Mark Todd volunteers at events! Here he is working as a show jumping steward at the 2016 Dauntsey Park H.T. Photo via @kiwieventer on Twitter.

  Events are always in need of volunteers and although offering up your time to help others is considered a selfless act…volunteering at Events can actually be very beneficial to your riding. Here are some great opportunities for you to contribute to your sport but also take advantage of these interesting jobs to become a better rider. 1) Scribe: Sitting with a dressage judge all day and listening to them score and comment on dressage tests while you scribe is invaluable. You will gain a better understanding about what judges are looking for in a test so you can squeeze…

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Friday’s Five – Tasty, healthy and EASY horse show food ideas

Skip packing junk food and try these easy and tasty recipes for your next show.

  Horse show food is not usually the tastiest, it is rarely healthy and it is always overpriced. Instead of spending money on dreadful horse show food this season, you should make your own. It can be quick and simple to prepare your own food and bring it to your events. Try these easy and delicious recipes this competition season: 1) Red pepper, goat cheese, and fresh mint wraps – These make for the perfect lunch on a hot show day. They are both filling and refreshing. Make them the night before your show, pack them in zip lock bags…

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Friday’s Five – Ways to make your riding life easier in 2017

Breeze through 2017 with these tips...

  It is time to start organizing yourself for the 2017 season. Riding is a sport that requires so much time and dedication that it is often considered a lifestyle and it is an expensive one. Fortunately, these tips can simplify your Eventing life in 2017, so you can have your best season to date. Start utilizing these tips immediately, so you have no regrets this year. 1. Big Black Boot by Ice Horse – Ice your horse’s hooves with ease this year, by using this quality ice boot. Unique tri-fold design wraps the horse’s foot in ice from the coronary band to the toe, providing…

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Friday’s Five – Tips to make your horses’ trailer rides smoother


  At some point, all riders will have to trailer horses. Whether it is a short jaunt for lessons or a long trek across the country, it is important that you provide your horse with a first class and safe ride. Ensure that your horse travels like a VIP: 1) Soak hay - Horses tend to drink little to nothing when they are on the trailer. Simply soak your horse’s haynet in a skip bucket the night before a long trip to help your horse stay hydrated. When horses are yanking hay out of their haynets, the air can get dusty…

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Friday’s Five – Ultimate stocking stuffers for eventers

Horse with stocking on ear-304827

  Christmas is a week and a half away but it’s not too late to order some last minute stocking stuffers. Last week, I provided you with a list of the coolest presents for eventers. This week, I have spent time researching stocking stuffers that every eventer will love. Eventers deserves the best. Horse stuff is expensive but no worries, you do not have to break the bank with these stocking stuffers that are guaranteed to be a hit! Here are five perfect stocking stuffers you need to order right now: 1) Flair Strips:  Gain a competitive edge on cross-country by using one…

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Friday’s Five – Gifts that every rider NEEDS to add to their Christmas wish lists

Nice love couple sitting on carpet in front of fireplace. Woman

  Christmas is only weeks away! But it is not too late for you to send in your wish list to Santa. I love Christmas and I want everyone to be happy with their presents and here is a list of some of the the coolest gifts for eventers that could make you very happy. If you have been a naughty equestrian this year and Santa will not be visiting you, I suggest you just buy yourself some of these incredible presents. You are a hard working equestrian and you deserve gifts that will make your life easier and fun! Enjoy and…

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Friday’s Five – Steps to throw the merriest barn Christmas party

horse with santa hat

  December is officially here and your Christmas shopping should be well underway. Now it is time to start planning an awesome Christmas party. With no competitions on the horizon, it is the perfect time to throw a merry barn Christmas party. Pulling together a Christmas party can be quick, easy, and very fun for you and your entire barn. Throw together a legendary barn Christmas party with these five easy steps: 1. Christmas-ify the barn – Festive decorations are the key to getting in the Christmas spirit. Hang some candy canes on bridle hooks (they double as great treats for…

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Friday’s Five – Reasons the Olympics are critical to the growth of equestrian sports

Photo by Kerstin Hoffman.

  The FEI General Assembly has voted in favour of Olympic and Paralympic rule changes. For Eventing, the most significant Olympic format change is there will be “Teams of three horse/athlete combinations per nation, with no drop score”. Many people in the Eventing community are not in favour of the changes and some are even questioning why our sport needs to be part of the Olympics. But ensuring our sport keeps its place at the Olympics is integral to our future and here’s a few critical reasons why: 1) The Olympic Games is the most prestigious sporting event on the…

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Friday’s Five – Ways to treat yourself this off-season

Horses are not the only way to explore the great outdoors...

  Eventing season has come to a close for the year, in most areas of the world. You have spent all year tirelessly looking after your horse(s) and now it is time to look after yourself. With no events to attend on the weekends you have a bit of extra spending money and time.   Five ways to treat yourself during the off-season – you definitely deserve it: 1. Join a gym – Do not wait until New Years before your start working on your three-day body. Join the gym immediately. With less riding and other barn related physical activities…

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