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Kyle Carter shares touching tribute to ‘Courage’

Kyle gives Courage a pat for a job well done at a training session at Five Ring Stables, Carter Eventing's training base in Citra Florida.

Horses have always been part of my life, so I am more familiar than most the joy and heart break they can provide. Last weekend I received a large helping of heart break. As most will now know I had a tragic accident on cross country while riding in the CIC 3* division at Red Hills. A fall resulted in our horse, Conahy’s Courage having to be put down. Courage had been with us for almost four years I did his first event with the plan that I was producing him for his owner, Imogen, to ride. Not long into…

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Conahys Courage euthanized after fall at Red Hills International Horse Trials

Kyle and Courage, training at home.

Conahys Courage, ridden by Kyle Carter and owned by Imogen DeLavis suffered a catastrophic injury at fence 12 A in the CIC3* division at Red Hills International Horse Trials, in Tallahassee, FL. Courage was humanely euthanized and a postmortem examination will be conducted at the University of Florida Large Animal Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. Courage was a 10-year-old ISH and was imported three years ago to the USA. Kyle has brought him up the levels and they competed at their first CIC3* at Poplar Place in March 2014. Jen Carter, Kyle’s wife has confirmed with us that he is uninjured….

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Bruce Haskell makes personal plea to stop the ‘Frangible Pin Rule Change’

Bruce and Kiwi Smog

The ‘Frangible Pin Rule Change’ is a game changer for Eventing, however, the majority of Eventers around the world are not understanding or caring about what it means. Bruce Haskell, President of the International Event Riders Association (ERA) is making a personal plea outside of his role at the ERA to hopefully get your attention and encourage you to speak up to stop this change. Please read this carefully and take the time to understand how this rule will impact your competitions and the sport. You must send in your support by March 10th, 2015 in order to help make…

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Interview with Michael Jung – Clarifies his Rolex plans and more

Michael Jung at a recent  Breeders Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg event where he was helping to scout out talented five and six year old Baden-Wurttemberg horses - Photo courtesy of Kerstin Hoffmann

With Rolex, Kentucky just two months away, training is in high gear for all the pairs planning to tackle North America’s only four-star and the most attended Eventing venue on this side of the pond. Since news broke that Michael Jung was planning to attend, fans have been excited and speculating. Which horse will he bring and does he have the Rolex Grand Slam in his sights? A big thank-you to our good friend Eckhart Siewert, who graciously arranged an interview with Michael so we could ask him about his plans. What horse will you be taking to Rolex? I…

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Cody Sturgess & Imperial Melody – Rookie Ride to Rolex 2015

Cody and Imperial Melody riding to a 2nd place finish in the Open Intermediate A at Rocking Horse Winter 2 this past weekend

When Imperial Melody (Mel) came into Cody Sturgess’ life, Rolex was but a dream for the then 15 year old rider. Mel was supposed to be a resale project. Cody says, “I remember saying to my mom that I think there’s something special about this horse. I know you’re not supposed to keep these sale horses, but do you mind? And she said, ‘If you think she’s special then give it a go.’ That was ten years ago.” So for 10 years, Cody and Mel’s partnership has been successfully developing and right now they are on target for the ride…

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Allie Sacksen & Sparrow’s Nio – Rookie Ride to Rolex 2015

Allie and Sparrow's Nio at the 2014 Fair Hill International CCI3* where they placed 27th out of 53 starters

“Rookie Ride to Rolex” is another new series on Eventing Connect. This week we are bringing you a group of Rolex hopefuls who are currently qualified and training to make their debut at North America’s only four-star and most respected event. Allie Sacksen and Sparrow’s Nio For the last two years, Allie Sacksen, has been strategically competing her popular little mount, Sparrow’s Nio, with Rolex in the back of her mind. This year there has been a shift in thinking as Rolex is the only thing on her mind as she prepares for her first four-star. In 2013, Allie and…

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Like fine wine – Eventers get better with age

Andrew Nicholson on Avebury winning the 2014 Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials for the third year in a row. CREDIT: Libby Law COPYRIGHT: LIBBY LAW PHOTOGRAPHY - NZL

At the ripe old age of 30, many professional athletes are already retired or certainly on the downside of their competitive careers. The majority of elite athletes can not keep pace with the physical demands of their sport into the third decade of their lives. Retirement from sport usually sooner than later For many athletes, retirement is a concept that they do not wish to think about after training and sacrificing so much of their lives in pursuit of their dreams and victories. After achieving Olympic glory or failing to reach the pinnacle of their sport, athletes’ careers will eventually…

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Interesting moments in 2014


    A photo is worth a thousand words and here are some of the interesting moments we captured in 2014. Riders and horses shall remain nameless because we do not want to call anyone out on a decision made in a split second. All riders and horses came through these moments healthy and sound. Enjoy and feel free to share.     You might also enjoy these Eventing Connect features: Mark Todd and Alex Hua Tian star in new FEI commercial Get to know Canada’s top Junior rider – April Simmonds USEF allows helmet cams Last week Today Today’…

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USEF will allow helmet cams effective today

Rolex 2012: Doug Payne riding Patti Springsteen's Running Order finished their first CCI**** in 18th place. We all loved riding the course with them!

Good news for all the riders who have invested in helmet cams and have brought the thrill of their rides to the world through video. Helmet cams will be allowed effective today, January 5th, 2015. However, competition organizers do have the right to prohibit them and riders must comply. USEF press release: Following the careful consideration regarding the use of helmet cameras, the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) has updated protocol concerning the devices. Effective immediately, please be advised of the following: 1. The USEF does not prohibit the use of helmet cameras. 2. A competition organizer may prohibit use…

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