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Rider list revealed for the $100,000 Land Rover Wellington Eventing Showcase

Boyd Martin and Blackfoot Mystery winning the 2016 Wellington Showcase.

  The Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) will welcome back the $100,000 Land Rover Wellington Eventing Showcase from Friday, February 3, to Saturday, February 4, hosting renowned international eventing athletes in Wellington, FL. General admission to the event is free. Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team member and Olympian Boyd Martin won both previous editions of the Wellington Eventing Showcase, riding Trading Aces in 2015 and then again with Blackfoot Mystery, his 2016 Olympic Games mount from Rio de Janeiro. The talented rider, currently ranked fourth in the world, will aim to “three-peat” his success, but will have tough competition…

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Yogi Breisner joins Swedish Equestrian Federation in new role

Photo via The British Horse Society Scotland Facebook page.

  During his 17-years as the British Eventing Team Performance Manager, Yogi Breisner, 61, led the team to four successive Olympic team medals as well as five European team titles. He stepped down from his position at British Eventing after the 2016 Rio Olympics. Now, Yogi is now an advisor to the Swedish Equestrian Federation, Olympic national coaches and coordinators for Jumping, Dressage and Eventing. “Goran [Yogi] will be a great asset for us with all the experience he has accumulated over the years” Andrea Barth, manager sports/competition who first contacted Yogi about the opportunity, said in an interview to An Eventful Life….

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Major loss for Canada as Graeme Thom is hired as ESNZ High Performance Eventing Manager

Graeme Thom.

  It is a sad day for Canadian Eventers as Graeme Thom has accepted the position of Equestrian Sports New Zealand high performance Eventing manager. For years, Graeme tirelessly volunteered his time to the Canadian Eventing team as chef d’equipe for the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio, the 2008 Olympic Games in Hong Kong, the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games in Kentucky, the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara and the 2012 Olympic Games in London. During this time, Canada enjoyed one of the most successful competitive eras in Canadian Eventing. Graeme’s team management and David O’Connor’s coaching contributed…

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Tuesday’s Top 10 – Hilarious headlines that would be too good to be true

Michael Jung reppin' for his new nation...

  WARNING: Only read if you have a sense of humour Check in for our Top 10 list that could feature just about anyone or anything related to Eventing. No rider, owner, coach, or nation is off limits. Remember: “Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think.”   10. Researchers discover useful information on Equestrian Canada’s website. 9. An American wins the Rolex Kentucky CCI4*. 8. Marilyn Little lands huge sponsorship deal with a bit-less bridle company. 7. Punk’d! FEI announces Olympic format changes were a joke. 6. Buck and Kyle sign million dollar syndication deal with…

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Retired Thoroughbred racehorses needed for the $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover

Annie Dancing is one of the many eligible horses available in the RRP Horse Listings.

  As of January 15, nearly 500 trainers have been accepted to train some 550 horses for the $100,000 Thoroughbred Makeover. So far, these trainers have registered only 150 horses for the event. That means that approved trainers are actively seeking 400 horses that retired from racing in the last eighteen months but have not started training in second careers. These trainers are from 42 states, two Canadian provinces, and England. Each will retrain their horses for second careers from the time they acquire them through the first weekend of October when they will compete at the Kentucky Horse Park…

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The 2017 Equestrian Canada Rules are now available online

Canadian Flag-IMG_9348

  Equestrian Canada (EC) is has announced that the online edition of the 2017 EC Rules are now available at 2017 EC Rules The 2017 EC Rules are available free of charge in a clean digital version, as well as a version with changes from 2016 visible. Direct links to clean version PDFs are as follows: Section A: General Regulations Section B: Breeds Section C: Driving Section D: Eventing Section E: Dressage Section F: General Performance Section G: Hunter, Jumper, Equitation and Hack Section J: Endurance Section K: Reining Section L: Vaulting Section M: Para-Equestrian Printed versions of the 2017…

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10 fuel saving hacks for equestrians to save money during show season

Abstract closeup of truck getting refuel in gas station

  I am always trying to save money. I live on a very tight budget and I like nice things and nice horses. I hate wasting money on anything, especially truck fuel. Last year, during the Florida season, gas hovered around $2.00 a gallon even spiking much lower a couple of times and it made me very happy. Every penny I save on fuel, I can put towards more lessons and enjoying Sushi night at Tony’s. Today in Ocala, I drove by gas stations trying to entice me in at $2.49. It made me want to puke. I started thinking…

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Friday’s Five – Volunteer jobs that will take your riding to the next level

Even Mark Todd volunteers at events! Here he is working as a show jumping steward at the 2016 Dauntsey Park H.T. Photo via @kiwieventer on Twitter.

  Events are always in need of volunteers and although offering up your time to help others is considered a selfless act…volunteering at Events can actually be very beneficial to your riding. Here are some great opportunities for you to contribute to your sport but also take advantage of these interesting jobs to become a better rider. 1) Scribe: Sitting with a dressage judge all day and listening to them score and comment on dressage tests while you scribe is invaluable. You will gain a better understanding about what judges are looking for in a test so you can squeeze…

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Eight ways to cut costs at horse shows in 2017


  Eventing, like all pursuits involving the fickle, fragile four-leggeds we all love, isn’t cheap. Here are some ways to make competing in this sport easier on your cheque book: 1) Plan your schedule and enter early. Almost all recognized events charge a late fee if you enter after the closing date. You can avoid paying this $50 (sometimes more) if you plan your calendar carefully. Make sure to write down not only the dates of the shows, but their respective opening and closing dates. (Some shows even have “early bird discounts” that are $50 less than the regular entry…

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Top 16 dressage judge comments of 2016

dressage bad img_4482

  People from all over the world read, Tuesday’s Top 10 – Dressage judge comments scribes were NOT allowed to write in 2015. Over the last two years, many of our readers shared comments that HAVE actually made it onto dressage tests. There have been so many colourful dressage judge comments, we have enough gems for a series  - Dressage judge comments scribes did write. So far this series has been going for two years strong. The dressage judges who let their scribes write these comments, certainly were not sugarcoating anything. Thank-you to all the riders who shared these hilarious, real life comments. Despite what a …

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